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We are a full-service concrete contractor company in Houston offering top quality professional concrete services to business owners, homeowners, and property management companies. We take pride in having strong moral values, hard work, fantastic customer service, and superior craftsmanship.

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Full-Service Concrete Construction Company 

Our team of thoroughly skilled trained employees is our best asset. Most of these guys have been with us for years and know all there is to know about concrete construction. Trust them to surpass your expectations every time. Our company has a 20-year experience in the concrete business.

This makes us one of the best concrete companies in the Houston area and beyond. We work hard to provide all our clients with personalized and satisfactory designs that suit their spaces. No matter the size of your project, we will pour our heart into it and make sure it is done on time and according to your specifications. Our process is simple but highly effective and affordable.

Alongside the amazing team of people on our arsenal, we use state-of-the-art technology that proves our unparalleled commitment to safety. With us, expect a high-level construction experience that combines both effectiveness and efficiency. Whether it is our pourers or earth-moving equipment, or engineering vehicles, we only use industry-leading equipment for all our projects.

Our services are vast including residential and commercial concrete foundations, retaining walls, concrete replacement or removal, asphalt repairing and paving, ramp and dock construction, machine foundations and more.

We specialize in both small and big construction projects in Houston and surrounding areas. If you ever need a local commercial contractor, contact us and we will task our estimator to give you a free estimate of the project.  We cater to nearby and far clients with the same measure of attention, customer service, efficiency, and budget considerations.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Repair Services 

We strongly believe that concrete should be built to last for years to come. This is the precise reason we use high-quality repair materials and protective systems that extend the lifespan of a construction structure. Everything from installation to repairing spalled concrete, concrete resurfacing, and concrete replacement is carried out using top quality materials.

Concrete deterioration, as we know it, happens as a result of chemical, physical, and environmental factors.

This causes issues such as cracking, scaling (spalling), discoloration, and crazing. 

Our wide range of strengthening, repair, and protection systems are selected to meet client needs in terms of technical properties and usability.

Depending on your concrete issue, our skilled contractors will repair it by adding a crack filler or sealer, use a light coat on the scaled area, utilize a concrete cleaner, or other strategies to restore its beauty and functionality.  

Uneven Concrete

Let’s face it: sunken and uneven concrete slabs are not appealing the least. Yet, this is a common problem many homeowners and business owners come face to face with from time to time.

At our company, we use polyurethane foam jacking over traditional concrete repair methods to raise sub-graded and uneven concrete. This involves concrete lifting where environmental polymer foam is injected through small holes into the unstable, loose concrete slab. This causes a chemical reaction that allows for an expansion of the foam and ultimately, the stabilization of the fallen concrete. 

Compared with traditional methods of concrete raising for light commercial and industrial construction works, this doesn’t demand demolition, landscape or yard repairs, disposal or removal of broken concrete. It is also a fast and effective flatwork technique, and most importantly, enhances better aesthetics.

Come to us if you are looking for concrete repair with more focus on safety, quality, and innovation. Our years of industry experience, skilled contractors, and leading safety programs give clients the confidence they need to know that their infrastructure problems will be accorded long-term solutions.

Your #1 Source for Houston Texas Concrete: Driveways, Sidewalks, Slabs, Pool Decks, Patios, Stamped Concrete , Steps, & more!

Looking for a reliable, credible, trustworthy contractor in Houston Texas? Your search ends here. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of concrete construction.

Whether it is the installation of pavers, facade renovation, slab repair, or pool area renovation, we provide all our clients with guaranteed solutions. Our work combines design support, quality products, contracting services, and engineering partners to deliver the highest standards for safety and quality control.

If you truly believe in creating a lasting concrete impression, give stained concrete and stamped concrete a deep thought. It is durable and beautiful to behold. Whether it is brush finish, smooth, regular or stamped stained concrete, our hardscape is selected from the highest grade products. Rely on our masonry to offer you the best concrete for your floors, walls, fireplaces, and even the shower. 

Concrete Services:

The Benefits of Concrete

In the construction industry, there is an increased need for energy performance and durability. There’s much more required to maintaining structures over time than the initial development. Compared to other materials such as wood and steel, concrete contains durable recycled ingredients.

Concrete demands very little to no maintenance for it to last a long time and remain in a pristine condition. As such concrete is a good investment when you are looking for the best building materials. Some of the advantages of using concrete for your construction project include the following.

• Low production costs

• Water resistance

• Flexible shaping

• Little to no maintenance required

• Reduced industrial waste

• Hardening at room temperature

• Temperature resistant

• Energy-efficient production

• Multiple applications

• Reinforcement application

What Is The Secret To Long-Lasting Concrete?

If you want to have durable concrete paving, you need to have a solid foundation. Before laying any type of pavement, make sure the surface layer of the ground has been prepared properly and is compact. If the foundation is not solid, the concrete will crack faster due to changes in moisture, weather and heavy traffic.

When looking for a good concrete contractor, make sure you choose someone who is experienced and has technical expertise. That way, you can avoid most of the common mistakes.

With Houston Concrete Contractors, we can make sure that the project will be handled correctly from start to finish. We are a local concrete company that can be trusted for any project.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Service

Whether it is before, during, or after the project, our awesome customer care team will take care of you.

We will keep you updated on all progress, insights, advice, and more so that you get a holistic and permanent solution.


 We invest our time and resources to find the latest tools that deliver quality, timely, and budget-friendly solutions. From conveyors to laser screeds and riding finish machines, we ensure our equipment is cutting edge so that our promise of offering quality architecture is met.


 Instead of bidding low on projects, we let our 20-year industry experience speak for us.

That combined with industry-edge equipment, attention to our customers, hard work, and a proven process makes us the top choice for Houston residents and beyond.

Build Your Dream Project with our Trusted Team

With a proven track record of 20 years and an experienced and trained team on board, best believe we will surpass your expectations without fail. Just dream it; we will make it happen for you!

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