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Types Of Concrete Patios We Build:

Our expert team works directly with the customer to design a highly customized concrete patio to meet his/her expectations. Here are some of the different kinds of concrete patios we specialize in:

Modern Concrete Patios

Today's customers are looking for more modern designs when it comes to concrete patios for their homes. We design simple and complex modern patios using high-tech equipment.

The incredible level of customization in our projects will let you have the best patio for your home. We build patios with the latest color ascents and pallets including un-textured angular-shaped concrete designs and checkboard patterns. 

Our patios are built-in stunning shapes, glimmered modern color schemes, and a band of stones.

Stamped Concrete Patios

Concrete stamping helps us achieve astonishing concrete designs with a minimal budget. Stamping is extremely popular in today's construction world. We build patios that resemble wood, brick-like textures, and stone.

You can decorate your concrete patios with stamping without spending a fortune. The experts at Ample Concrete use powdered pigments, antique agents, and different stains to make sure your patio stands out in your neighborhood. Our designs are resilient to weather elements, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.

Stained Concrete Patios

Stained concrete will easily take patio customization to the next level. It is done without compromising the aesthetic appeal and durability of your patio. Staining is done using acid or acrylic polymers to add more desirable properties to your patio. When used on patios and decks, stained concrete improves the external appeal of the surface. It also reduces your energy bills.

You can choose the right color and graphic pattern depending on your taste and the architecture of the building. The stain will cut deep into the concrete and prevent flaking and fading over time. Staining is also used to produce a plush surface that resembles granite or marble floors.

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