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Any type of flatwork can vary based on the structural design. However, the construction technique and the quality of work during construction of any flatwork should be guaranteed and up to standard.

You are probably aware of the general process of construction works. Nonetheless, below are some of the key concerns to pay attention to:

To begin with, excavation is a common element in the construction of most flatwork projects and may include processes such as setting out and land survey, trenching, and dredging.

It is important to get the excavation work down correctly to create solid foundations for the flatwork structure. Excavation requires a specialized set of skills and a high accuracy to achieve the right size of the base and to pour the required volume of concrete.

There are instances where you will have to use sand or gravel instead of soil when building the foundation of the flatwork structure. On top of the base is where forms (made of timber or composite material) that hold wire or rebar will be placed.

Once the formwork is in place, concrete is poured inside and given adequate time to harden and acquire the needed strength.

We understand that not all flatwork projects are ground-up constructions. Some are existing flatwork structures needing only some repair and maintenance works to regain their strength and appeal.

We will be glad to provide repair and maintenance services for your flatwork project as one of the skilled set of services we offer.

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